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I personally think this is a very interesting piece. I love how you kept it simple, using few colors. The background doesn't draw too m...



"Are you cold?"


I sat on the edge of my seat, a blanket draped over my shoulders. I made no move to pull it closer, nor did I acknowledge its presence. I kept my face buried in my hands, though my hands were still cold.

"Are you mad at me?"


At the moment, all I could do was sit. I didn't know how it was possible to be mad at Robin, he hadn't done anything wrong. I couldn't help but to keep my eyes down. Not like he was capable of looking me in the eye anyway, but he seemed worried. 

"Can I sit by you?"

I didn't reply. A second later, I felt the bed dip to the side. I stiffened, Robin's presence undeniable.

"Do you..."

He trailed off. I removed my hands to look at him. He was blushing heavily, biting his lip. It was cute. Quickly, I pressed my lips against his cheek, making him jump.

"What are you doing?" he exclaimed.

"Kissing," I replied, pecking his cheek once more.

"Wh-why?" he stuttered.

"You're cute."

"Am not."

I hummed, kissing his cheek again. This was really making me feel better, I should invite Robin over more often.







Rita wasn't often stressed. She preferred to be calm and collected, hardly caring about anything or anyone. The only people she cared for were her friends, and she intended to keep it that way.

But, the sixteen-year-old found her parents particularly annoying the past weekend. Both had gotten sick, and both had forced Rita to take care of them until she was nearly passing out from exhaustion. When she left Monday morning, it was running as her mother threw plates at her for falling asleep last night. 

She panted, coming to a stop a block from where she normally met with Clyde. She composed herself, hurriedly running her fingers through her hair. She couldn't let Clyde see her so disheveled, no matter what. That's why she smiled at the boy when he smiled at her, already joined by Jess and Jesse. Rita normally came right after Clyde, but nobody questioned her. A part of Rita wished they would, her smile faltering as she fell behind them.

Rita went through her classes as though she was going through water. Everything seemed slow, even more so than usual, and it killed her. She loved Art, her last class of the day, but even that seemed slow. It was mostly the haunting thought that she had to go home soon. To see her parents, after what she'd done this morning...They would hurt her.

The thought made Rita flinch, red paint cascading over her clothes as she squeezed too hard. Her apron had saved her from too much of a mess on her shirt, but she found the scarlet shade too foreshadowing for her taste. The teacher, an excitable woman named Ms. Tan, rushed over immediately.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

Rita nodded, allowing Ms. Tan to herd her out of the room so she could leave to the bathroom. She'd gotten some paint on her face. Looking in the mirror, Rita saw that "some" translated to "all over." She sighed, scrubbing her face to remove the paint. She didn't finish before the bell, but a part of her was happy that she hadn't. Several clubs were staying after that day, including Jesse and Clyde's track meet taking place. The only person waiting would be Jess, who was used to her taking a while.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Jess asked, appearing in the bathroom. 

Rita stiffened, glancing over at her friend. Jess looked her up and down, before sighing and digging through her backpack.

"You're impossible sometimes," she stated, pulling out her coat.

Jess tugged off her shirt, tossing it to Rita before tugging on her coat. Rita stared at the shirt for a moment, surprised.

"You told me your parents get mad when your clothes get messy, remember?" Jess muttered, taking off her jeans after pulling her gym shorts out of her bag. "You're covered in paint, I don't want you to get grounded after we've already made plans to hang out on Saturday."

Rita had forgotten about her plans with Jess, as her thoughts had been on her parents. Her friend's kindness brought a smiled to her face. After changing hurriedly, she embraced the girl as tenderly as possible.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"Of course, you're my very best friend," Jess replied.

Rita smiled, her problem forgotten as her best friend embraced her.
Untitled Again
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&   Enjoy~
Are bathed in blue,
Though our eyes remain the same,
We have broken through this chain,
And we have been awakened,
You better run,
If you don't,
Then we will lose control,
Just like last time.

    You said it would be fine!

I lied.

    You said that you forgave me!

I suppose I didn't.

    Why didn't you tell me?!

Why would I?

Both bathed in fragrance,
Just like roses,
The truth sank in.
Are more than friends,
More than they'll understand,
They just don't get it.
They never will.

    You told me you were sorry!

Oops, looks like I lied.

    I'm never doing this again!

You'll change your mind.

Stories are told of the brave and the bold.
Legends are sung for the young and the old.
Vows are broken to reveal the truth.
Secrets are kept,
Just to protect you.
But they couldn't stop what they didn't know.
The secrets kept would destroy us all.
I'll find you again,
I promise my dear.
Please do not cry,
For I must stay here.

    I'm sorry. I know you probably can't hear me. I'm a thousand miles away, and long to see your face. But, I can't.

Darling I hear you. I always do. It's impossible, not to miss you too.

    Please say you love me.

You know I do. 

    Please say it anyway.

Dear, I love you.

The world is broken. 
But I must leave. 
I have a vow,
That I must keep.
My love is waiting.
And very sad.
And she's worried,
That she forgot my face.

    Please, let me go home with you soon.

Home is with you.

    Then, you better come home!

I have to sweep the floor, anyway. So, I guess I'll stay.

I have a thousand excuses, 
Just to hear you.
And to see you,
I would die to.

    I love you.

I love you, too.
Distant Lovers

I almost forgot, HAPPY EASTER!!!!! This is totally an Easter poem, with Easter in mind, and spring in our hearts. That's why it mentions spring so often.
(Am I being too obvious in my lying?)
Anyway! Have a good springtime Easter!

"Hey, Casey," Morgan grumbled suddenly.

They were seated beside each other in the lunchroom, Morgan's gaze having been on a distant table.

"Hmm?" Casey hummed, chewing on his fork.

"Did you really like Ryan?" 

Casey glanced at him, confused for a moment.

"Of course," he replied. "Not any more though."

"Huh. Do you like girls?"

"Yeah. I am a teenager."

"Do you like boys?"

Casey looked thoughtful. He tapped his cheek, before shrugging nonchalantly.

"I suppose," he stated. "Ryan's proof of that."

Morgan looked at the ground. 

"Do you think boys like you?" he asked.

"I don't know, I've never asked one."

"What would you do if a boy told you he loved you?"

"Be completely honest, even if it hurt him."

Morgan nodded thoughtfully. Suddenly, he stared straight into Casey's eyes.

"Are you a sadist?" he asked.

Casey stared at him. His face was completely neutral, his eyes showing nothing. Just as Morgan became uncomfortable under his gaze, Casey leaned back against the table, pulling his fork out of his mouth.

"Wasn't it obvious?" he replied with a question of his own, nibbling on the end of his fork.

Morgan blushed harshly, looking away and sighing.

"You're terrible," he stated.

"I thought that was obvious as well," Casey snickered.

"Shut up. Do you like hurting people then?"

Casey opened his mouth to reply, but Morgan held up his hand before he could, stopping him.

"Never mind, that's obvious," he grumbled, sighing heavily.

"S'not my fault," Casey stated. "I just like to see cute people-"

"Don't continue that thought. I'm disgusted."

"You asked."

"I don't want to know all about it!"

For a while, the two sat in silence. 

"Do you think Isaac's a masochist?" Morgan asked.

Casey shrugged.

"I wouldn't know. Just because I consider myself sadistic doesn't mean I have a masochist-tracker in my back pocket."

"You never know with you. You told people your family has ties with the mafia."

"That's part of the sadism."

"This conversation is gross."


Every once in a while, Casey wouldn't brush his hair. His naturally straight hair became fluffy and wavy, and a lot of people asked him why he didn't do it more often. He never replied.

Every once in a while, Casey would miss school. It wasn't because he was abused at home, it was because he was abused at school. One time, a girl made fun of him for speaking different from her. He'd fallen silent, his jaw clenched. After that, he didn't come to school for two days. When he did, he didn't talk as much.

"Are you okay?"

Casey always got that question. when he did, he smiled that perfect smile. He gently nodded, replying with an easy lie.

"Hey," Kaden muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. "You know, the way you speak is fine."

"So I'm told," Casey replied.

Kaden stared at him for a moment, before elbowing him.

"Stop whining, Ciel. I'll make you parfait," he said, speaking in a British accent.

Casey grinned back coyly.

"I've lost my appetite, Sebastian," he replied, crossing his legs, his accent going British as well. "Besides, your parfaits are horrible."

"Horrible, huh? Is that why you always ask for one?"

"I do that to make you feel better."
You Sadistic Liar
...Casey. Sadism!

Victoria Richins, arguably the most stoic person in school, was not known to be very open. Nathan knew this, but he couldn't help wanting something indescribably tempting from her. She'd confessed first, kissed him first, and shown him love first, but he hardly ever returned the favour out of fear for messing up.

Now, it had been two weeks since the last she'd told him she loved him. Nathan was growing restless, sitting beside her on the sofa in her room. He was pretending to watch t.v. as she casually read her book beside him. He shifted, moving slightly closer to her. When she made no inclination to noticing, he moved closer, then closer, until eventually he was almost sitting on her lap. Victoria seemed to realize something was off by this point, setting down her book and gazing at him expectantly.

"Is something the matter?" she asked.

"N-no, why would you ask?" he replied with a question of his own, settling comfortably on her lap and trying not to blush.

"You seem nervous," she informed him.

"I'm not."

Staring at him for a moment, Victoria eventually leaned forward and pecked his lips, making his face go bright red. She smiled at the sight, wrapping her arms loosely around his waist and letting out an amused purr.

"You suck," he grumbled. 

"Tell me what's wrong," she ordered.

"Y-you'll laugh."

"I'll try not to."

Nathan shut his eyes, burying his burning face in her shoulder. She was surprised, until his breath brushed her skin in a sigh and she remembered how nervous he was.

"Y-you have't said it in a while," he told her in a whisper, almost to quiet to hear.

"Hmm?" she hummed, nuzzling his hair and taking great pleasure in the blush on his face.

"Th-that you l-love me," he squeaked.

Victoria froze. Pulling back after a moment, Nathan saw that her face was tinted pink, and her stare was trained on him.

"Come again?" she muttered.

Nathan shook his head, looking away. Victoria cupped his face in her hands, forcing him to look her in the eyes, before she gently kissed him again. When she pulled away, his blush was met with a smirk.

"Were you lonely?" she asked, a definite purr in her tone.

"Sh-shut u-up," he stammered.

"Of course I love you, did you doubt that?"

"Why didn't you say it?"

Victoria laughed gently.

"I thought I'd smother you if I let myself spoil you," she admitted. "Was I wrong? Would you like me to cuddle you and kiss you every other hour of the day? If so, I'm more than happy to oblige-"

"N-no, y-you'd g-get a-an F i-in H-h-health," he stuttered, almost having to force his words out in his embarrassment. 

"Alright then, you can cuddle me."


Victoria slowly shrank into the form of a kitten, honey-gold like her hair, and crawled onto his lap only to roll over on her back and purr. Nathan immediately stroked her tiny tummy, the kitten too irresistibly cute to resist.

"I-I guess it'd be okay to cuddle you," he told her. "As l-long as it's in this form."

"Of course, dear," she replied. "Anything you'd like, I love you."

Nathan was going to die of a heart attack if this girl kept at it. Or of a heat stroke.
Remember when I was normal? Yeah, neither do I. 

Thank you. Who am I thanking? Why am I thanking them? Well, some nice person has been favouriting a lot of my work. Dear nice person, you probably won't read this, but thank you. I really appreciate your support. I wanted to make this journal, not to call you out, but to thank you for your continued support.

Also, thank you to all those friends who've spoken to me and supported me. Sorry I don't do much, I'm boring. Even in real life. I'm a nerd.

Anyway, thanks to the one observer who never says a word, and to all those friends who've helped me, and to the two (maybe three) people who've requested work from me. I love all of you.

Why did I write this journal? That's the thing, I didn't. I typed it. Why did I type it? For fun.

That's all. I love you all.
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