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I personally think this is a very interesting piece. I love how you kept it simple, using few colors. The background doesn't draw too m...



Swimming really wasn't Sylvia's thing, especially not in the death trap that surrounded her now. She shivered, listening to the laughter of children around her on the sandy beach. Who would allow their children to come here?! 

Of course, Sylvia's uncle was a famous swimmer, so they came to the ocean nearly everyday. Usually, Sylvia could get out of it. But, today, her aunt had decided that she wasn't getting enough sun, and had forced her near the deadly ocean.

Sylvia stared out from beneath her large umbrella. Her family was already enjoying themselves a bit further down the beach, leaving her to mope in the shadows. Her long, black hair brushed the sand, her dark eyes glaring at the body of water only ten feet away. She was sitting with her knees pulled up to her chest, hiding from the hot sun and burning sand. 

The water wasn't the only reason she wasn't out there now. Her freckles, splattered across her entire body, were the only things that ever tanned on her. Her skin was light enough, burning if it even saw a glimpse of sunlight, and her freckles always darkened.

So, she decided to stay away from the sun, the sand, and, especially, the ocean.

It was growing dark by the time her cousin finally pulled her forcibly down the beach.

"Come on!" Miley insisted. "We're going on a boat ride!"

"In the middle of the night?!" Sylvia exclaimed.

"The sun hasn't even gone down yet, wimp!"

"It's close enough."

Miley was very different from her paler, weaker cousin. She was tanned and muscular, the family's lap dog, if you will. She swam with their uncle everyday, and was the most spoiled person on the planet. She flipped her hair, which was only shoulder-length and bleached blonde with sunlight, her light-blue eyes gazing excitedly at the boat they would be using.

Miley was everything Sylvia wasn't. Though, Sylvia scolded herself for ever being jealous.

"Sylvia," their aunt said, smiling. "Have you decided to join us?"

"No, I'm being forcibly dragged here against my whim."

Her aunt laughed, embracing her. Suzanne was the sweetest, most caring person Sylvia had ever met. She wasn't a very fast swimmer, she preferred running. She had the long brown hair, and always told her family she needed a haircut. She hadn't actually gotten a haircut for several years, because Sylvia's uncle Leon loved long hair. 

Needless to say, Sylvia was further forced onto the boat, and was also the only one to bother putting on a life vest. Not very well, mind you, but it's the thought that counts.

Soon, they out on the water. The shore was slowly disappearing behind them, three out of four very excited. Also needless to say, Sylvia was the one person who wasn't excited.

"Why do we have to go out on a boat?" Sylvia asked.

"Are you scared?" Miley teased.

"No, I'm just curious."

"The stars are beautiful at night," Suzanne sighed happily, gazing up at the sky. "There are so many of them, it's hard to believe. You'll love them, I hope."

Sylvia gave her aunt a smile, hoping she didn't fall out before the stars appeared. 

After a long while of light conversation that excluded Sylvia, the stars began to appear in the dark sky. After an hour, the sky was filled with them. It was quite beautiful, nobody could deny.

Sylvia heard a slight splash behind her, and turned to see what it was. Her eyes fell on the rippling surface of the water.

"Is something wrong?" Suzanne asked.

"I thought I heard something," Sylvia murmured, turning back to her family.

"Like what?" Miley questioned.

She shrugged. A splash caught her ear again. 

"Didn't you hear that?" she asked.

"Your ears must be playing tricks on you," Suzanne said.

"Let's go back," Leon said, his deep voice calming.

"It's okay, Uncle Leon," Sylvia insisted. "I'm alright with staying if you guys don't want to leave."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course."

Leave it to Leon to be softhearted all the way. He was a large man, with the same black hair and dark eyes Sylvia was known for. He also had the light skin she had, and almost the exact same way of thinking, giving the two a rather close relationship. Of course, Leon had always preferred spending time with Sylvia as opposed to Miley.

Leon settled back. Sylvia tried to also, her eyes falling on the massive amount of stars around her. It really was beautiful, she had to admit.

Suddenly, she felt something brush against her back. She squeaked, flinching away.

"S-Sylvia?!" Leon called.

The boat rocked out of control. Sylvia let out a gasp, sliding from the boat and into the grey water.


Her aunt's call was barely heard from the girl, who was currently thrashing about in the water. Suddenly, the engine on the boat roared, throwing the three above forward. 

Sylvia's lungs burned, her mouth opening to gasp for air, only to find water. She was drowning.

The girl felt something wrap around her waist, pushing her up until she felt air and water rush her lungs. Sylvia coughed, dark eyes opening to meet green ones.

"What are you-"

"I apologize."

The smooth voice was filled with concern, and Sylvia felt herself being set gently onto some rocks nearby. She gazed down at her saviour, who's green eyes hypnotized her into a sense of calm.

"Don't be concerned," the boy ordered. "Someone just hit the start button on that boat by accident. I promise I didn't do that."

"What are you doing out here?" Sylvia mumbled, shivering in the cold.

"I wanted to make sure nobody pushed you overboard," he said coolly, slowly sinking back into the water.


He paused.

"What do you mean by that?" Sylvia questioned.

The boy tilted his head, his green eyes piercing.

"Couldn't feel it? Someone was planning to. So, I decided to distract you before it could happen."

"You...pushed me off of the boat," she murmured.

"Not exactly," he smiled. "You fell off the boat, if I recall."

"You made me!" she muttered.

"Are you mad at me?" he asked, green eyes saddening. 

"No," Sylvia answered, surprised to know it was true.

"Good, you don't even know my name."

Sylvia gritted her teeth. This boy was playing with her. Glancing back at him, she noticed his gaze was on the distant shore. He seemed to be contemplating something, his brows creased.

"Oh, looks like they're returning," the boy murmured, sliding back into the water.

"Wait, where are you going?" Sylvia asked, grasping at the boy's hand.

"Into the water," he replied, glancing at their intertwined hands.

A sudden thought crossed Sylvia's mind.

"You said you tagged along when we left, but I didn't see any boat, and I couldn't hear anybody swimming. How did you...?"

The boy smiled kindly up at her, eyes narrowing.

"I swam," he stated honestly, laying his chin on his crossed arms.


"I never said I swam on the surface."

With that, he slipped soundlessly into the water.
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"Lost doll, soft doll, pretty doll
Look at her long dress
Wasted, busted, broken
Look at that big crack
Porcelain, dolly, dolly,
Wanna be replaced?
Long dress, nice dress, 
Stripes of pretty blue
Sinful, little dolly
I shall leave you."

Mercedes looked up at Samvel. He was reading a book, ignoring her poem. She glanced back down. It was supposed to make a Puppeteer into a Sinned Doll, but it wasn't working so far. Glancing over it, she spotted her mistake and quickly restarted.

"Lost doll, soft doll, pretty doll
Look at that long dress
Wasted, busted, broken
Look at that big crack
Porcelain dolly, ruder than Polly
Wanna be replaced?
Long dress, nice dress
Stripes of pretty blue
Sinful, little dolly
I shall leave you."

Finally, Samvel looked at her. He didn't look so impressed.

"What are you trying to do?" he muttered, setting his book down.

"Well, I found this spell book-"

"Is that why there's salt around my chair?"

"Yeah. It's purified salt."

"Purified- Ow, it is."

"Purified salt builds up walls around Sinned Dolls."

"Ah, you're trying to call to my inner Sinned Doll?"


Samvel sighed. But, Mercedes only looked back down at her book, frowning. He should have been a Sinned Doll by now. Wait, it said to spray water on them. Mercedes dug through her backpack to find one. He rolled his eyes.

"You know that those are a bunch of old wives-tales, right?" he asked. "Half of them are-"

He was cut off by water splashing in his face. He looked slightly annoyed by this point, standing and sighing before bumping into an invisible wall. Samvel recoiled, knocking on the wall and looking down at the salt.

"Wow, I didn't think it'd actually worked," Mercedes stated, interested. 

"Let me out," Samvel ordered. "I'm obviously not a doll."

"What happens if you do go crazy and the salt fails?" she asked.

"Adam, since he made a connection with me, would just have to calm me down, normally by some form of physical contact. It isn't necessary, however, as I'm not a doll. Especially not a Sinned Doll."

"Why is your voice suddenly getting higher pitched?"

Samvel froze. He sighed, shaking his head.

"Why did you even do this?" he questioned, his voice higher and more feminine.

"Like I said, I wanted to see if it would work," she replied. 

He stared at her for a moment, expectant, with his arms crossed.

"In hindsight, this might not have been my best idea."

"You really think so?"

"Don't be like that. You told me half of these were old wives-tales."

"That's because there are two parts of that book, Part One is Magic Boundaries, Part Two is Suspicious Wives Tales."

Mercedes flipped through the book, shutting it quickly.

"Shut up, I've never liked you," she huffed. "Anyway, how do I know it really worked?"

"Well, obviously, it takes a while. If I remain trapped in here for the entire time, it should fade in about an hour, maybe two. If I get out, I'll immediately go to the garden," he replied.

"Why the garden?"

"Sinned Dolls like to make tree puppets to make sure they're safe."

"Oh. How do you know all this stuff?"

Samvel didn't reply. Instead, he cackled darkly and slammed his fists against the wall.

"Let me out, dark magic is too scary for little girls," he murmured, green eye a shocking lime instead of its usual colour. 

Mercedes recoiled. She dug through her bag again, pulling out a bag of more purified salt and making circles around the room. The original was easily smashed to bits, and Samvel only looked amused at her antics.

"You can't stop me, dear," he told her. "I've done this before."

That made her pause. She looked up at her mentor, though it obviously wasn't the one she knew. This was a Sinned Doll, the rarest and most frightening creature of all. They had immense power, as long as they had liquid. Normally, they sucked it out of the grass, but they could drain from people as well. They were best known for falling apart like a Zombie, though they had blood.

"Good planning," Samvel sighed. "Not a knife in sight. Guess I'll have to try removing something."

"You're going to-"

It was too late. He spread his fingers wide, hand falling to the floor with a pitiful plop. He laughed, a slimy, light blue blood dripping sickeningly down to the floor. Mercedes' eyes were wide, her face pale. Sinned Dolls cared not of the pain it caused them, absorbing their own blood for power.

Mercedes pulled out her phone, dialing Adam's number. She was surprised when he picked up on the first ring.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Well, I accidentally-"

"Guess who."

Mercedes dropped the phone. It shattered in midair, though Samvel merely smiled sweetly at her, tilting her chin up to look at him. 

"Ever wondered what my eyes look like?" he purred.

She felt herself nod. Samvel had told her once that she didn't want to see it, and she'd believed him. He hid his right eye for a reason, but it looked like she was going to find that reason out.

He slowly brushed his fingers against his nose, carefully brushing away his hair and tucking it behind his ear. Mercedes choked on a sob, holding her hands over her mouth. His eye had a cut over it, making the pupil a catlike slit. It made his appearance somehow more sad, though he was still smiling.

"I've done this a lot," he said. "I'm a master of regenerating, but I can't do this one. Wanna know a Puppeteers only weakness?"

Mercedes didn't reply, her eyes were wide and tearful at the pain in his eyes. Samvel released her from his grasp, allowing her to stumbled and fall to the ground. She landed on the last border of salt, knocking the wall out. Samvel smirked.

"Our weakness," he whispered. "Is dependent on the person. Mine is someone you'll never meet."

He was gone in an instant. Mercedes stumbled out the door after him, surprised when she was met with several holes leading the outside. Samvel waved to her on the last wall, casually stepping off the edge. Her jaw was agape.


"Adam! I accidentally turned Samvel into a murderous, liquid-sucking monster!" Mercedes exclaimed busting into his and Samvel's shared room.

"You reverted him into a Sinned Doll?!" Adam roared. "Are you a lunatic?!"

"Maybe, I don't know! Help me!"

"Okay, he's probably in the garden."

Mercedes and Adam were there only a second later. The garden was huge, with a lake in the middle and a rose maze in the corner. Mercedes followed Adam carefully, afraid that she'd made a horrible mistake.

"Samvel!" Adam growled, standing at the edge of the lake.

Said boy surfaced for a second, looked at Adam, and sank back down. Adam crossed his arms.

"Stand back," he warned Mercedes. "But, don't leave. Samvel would probably want you to see what it looks like to save a Sinned Doll."

Mercedes scrambled back, standing on the cement as Adam turned to the water.

"I am your witness," Adam stated, eyes glowing a faint pink. "You are the murderer. I shall be at your trial. You've killed him."

Samvel shot out of the water, hissing and tugging at his hair and he hovered above the surface.

"He deserved it!" he screamed.

"I am the witness," Adam said calmly. "I am the only witness. The others died. Also, by your hands."

"That's not true! That isn't true! It's the doll! I'm not a doll!"

"Your father has died. I am the witness."

"No. No. No. That doesn't matter! I'm not guilty!"

"I saw the crime."

Samvel fell to his knees, pulling at his hair. Tears fled his eyes, which were narrowed in pain and depression. The cut over his eye looked painful, and he clutched it.

"I didn't mean to," he sobbed. "Believe me! He hit her! He hit her! Th-then..."


"He hurt me! Adam, why did you leave? Where did my sister go? What happened to Mama? What happened to me?! Why did h-he do that? Why didn't you stop h-him?!"

"Samvel, I wasn't there. You didn't know me."

"It's cold. Are they okay? Is h-he going to get them too? No! He can't! I'll kill him! They can't be touched by-"

"Where did he touch you, Samvel?"

Said boy didn't reply. He got deadly silent, his hand outstretched towards Adam. He grasped Adams shirt, hugging the boy and letting his tears fall into his shirt.

"I couldn't say it in front of a lady," Samvel said. "But, he d-deserved to stop breathing."

Adam bit his lip.

"You have to tell me," he murmured, his gaze cast over to the side-eyed Mercedes. "One."

"He tugged my hair."

That was all he said. The implications, the deeper meaning, the pain, read between the lines, anything could tell you what the scared boy was referring to. It sent chills down both Mercedes' and Adam's spines. Adam had heard something different all three times, but this one was the worst. 

The first had been his hand. 

The second was his shoulder.

The third, this time, told him everything that he needed to know.

"Am I cold?" Samvel asked.

"Yes," Adam murmured. "But, I won't waver."

Samvel went limp. He fell back, passed out on the lawn. Adam only threw him on his back, carrying the slumbering boy as Mercedes followed.

"I'm sorry," Adam muttered. "This one should have told you what happened instead of giving you a spell book so you could find out."

"How'd you know he gave it to me?" she asked.

"He told me he would in his sleep. He says a lot of things in his sleep."


They fell silent. Suddenly, Samvel grinned in his sleep, purring. It made Mercedes snort, which only made them both laugh aloud.

"I didn't know he could purr," she muttered.

"Well, you know the animal puppet you guys can summon? His is a cat," Adam explained.

"Makes sense."

"Nah, he's just weird."

"I heard that," Samvel grumbled, pressing a hand to his head. "Why do I feel like a girl and why am I sopping wet?"

"You don't remember, good. You'd be embarrassed if you did."

Mercedes looked off to the side, while Adam carefully avoided eye contact. Samvel looked at them both, confused.

"Oh, it worked," he said, snapping his fingers and instantly drying. "Good."

Adam stopped walking, allowing Samvel to stand on his own. He grinned.

"I thought that was a dream," he yawned, running his fingers through his hair. "Wasn't it nice?"

"Gave me definitive evidence of "his" evil," Adam murmured gently.

Samvel stared into space, his hair carefully covering half his face. His eye was normal once more. Suddenly, he stiffened.

"I hate being a doll," he stated, clapping his hands together. "But, they say experimentation helps. Never let your sanity go, it's bad."

"Wait, this was part of your lesson?" Adam questioned.

"Not exactly. I actually was hoping that she'd go for the one in the back, where I go mute and can't cast spells, and that one can't get out of the salt circle, so that's a plus, but this one will do fine."

"Were you going to show her the dress?"

"I just said I wouldn't have had any-"

Samvel paused. He scratched his chin, thoughtful.

"I didn't show you the dress, did I?" he asked Mercedes.

"What dress?" she questioned.

"Well, I was a doll. You noticed my voice got higher. I moved much more in a feminine manner, but you didn't really see me walk, did you? Hmm. Anyway, Sinned Dolls have dresses."

"Even males?"

"Even males."

"And females?"

"And females."


"Anyway, I wanted to show you that, just so you could see what you would get into, but I guess I was trying to get you to break the salt circle. Let's go back to the room, and I'll show you."

As they walked, Adam coughed into his fist.

"You're taking this well," he said.

"I'll blush and be embarrassed in a moment, if that's what you're worried about."

"No, your childhood-"

Samvel covered his mouth, opening the door and watching them both sit down. He snapped his fingers, thread trailing over his form.

The dress was nice. It looked like silk, the smooth blue fabric making the thin boy look girlier than usual. It also included a green cape, the bottom of said cape lined with fabric. A delicate-looking crown sat on top of his head, his curly hair was in ringlets, the blond still covering one side of his face. He tilted his head, waiting.

"You look the winter-edition Barbie," Mercedes stated.

He nodded, waving for her to continue. It took a second, before Adam and Mercedes both burst out laughing. Samvel only blushed the smallest bit, rolling his eyes.

"Predictable," he stated.

"You look prettier than usual," Adam said, winking.

"There you go, Mr. Predictability."

"Made you blush."

"Shut up."

Then, Samvel was back to normal, though Adam wound a lock of his hair around his finger and sighed dramatically.

"I should give you a perm in your sleep," he said. "I like the ringlets on you."

"I should give you a buzz-cut," Samvel replied.

And all was well again. At least, for Mercedes and Adam.
Oops, I did it again. I gave you my heart...or something.

"Hey, we're going to be late."

The girl's eyes opened, revealing the soft, amber-green color behind thick, black eyelashes.

"I'm resting," she murmured, turning her head away from the other girl.

Said other girl growled.

"You can't just forget about school, how will you get into college?"

"Leave me alone, Jessica. I get enough of that from my parents, I don't need you on my back too."

Jess glared at her, grasping her wrist and pulling her up. 

"I frankly don't care, Rita," she hissed. "Now, get to class."

"Fine, fine. Whatever."

Rita dug her hands into her pockets. Jess' gaze flickered over to her from behind. The girl was in her P.E. uniform, as that had been her last class. The uniform was the same for every girl, but seemed to look the best on Rita.

The simple orange shirt and white shorts made some girls complain about feeling like an orange pop. The orange tee hugged the smaller girl's curves though, the shorts revealing her long legs. Rita's long, luxurious black hair was pulled up into a ponytail, swaying gently as she walked. Rita's skin was like porcelain, and her black hair and hypnotizing eyes made her look like a doll.

Jess blushed suddenly. What was she thinking?! Thinking about another classmate, a female one at that, as though she were something to ogle at! Disgusting! Rita was a person, not an object.

Yet, she was so pretty. Jess couldn't help but to glance over at her again, looking at her thin waist. Rita suddenly looked back questioningly.

"Is something wrong, Jessica?" Rita asked.

"You're so thin," Jess murmured. 

"Thin? Not really."

Jess took a step closer to her, pulling the smaller girl into her chest.

"See? Compared to me, you're really thin," Jess stated. "And I'm not that large."

"Oh, I guess I never really noticed," Rita muttered, averting her eyes.

"Is something wrong?" Jess asked. "I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it's just a little unusual."

"I suppose so," Rita nodded.

Jess noticed she was shaking, and her cheeks seemed a little pink.

"Really, Rita," Jess sighed. "You're acting strange. We need to get to class."

"O-oh, right!"

Rita began walking again, her head down. Jess slightly wondered if she'd said something to hurt the girl's feelings. She shook it off, assuming that Rita was just being her usual, strange self. She didn't notice the girl tug at the hem of her shirt self-consciously.


"Man, college is difficult," Clyde sighed. "I'm so tired."

"What's wrong?" Rita asked.

"Jess has been working us into the floorboards recently," Clyde muttered. "She ordered me to run halfway across the university five times. Majoring in science with her around is more difficult than you'd think."

"I wouldn't know," Rita stated. "I'm majoring art and design."

"I know, I shouldn't complain about my seniors to you."

"It's fine, I don't really mind."

Clyde perked up, looking behind her.

"Hey, that looks like Jesse," he muttered. "I wonder what he's doing here. He should be in class about now, right?"

Rita glanced at her watch.

"No, he got out ten minutes ago," she stated. "You probably didn't notice the time go by, since you walked to the cafeteria."

"You mean, he's been out for ten minutes?" Clyde questioned.

"Yeah, he gets out of class at two, right?"


Clyde ducked his head.

"What's wrong? Is that bad?" Rita asked.

"Yes," he muttered. "I accidentally told Kayla that I didn't have to be in the lab until five, and he immediately insisted we go on a date."

"He seems to be looking for you," Rita stated casually, looking back over her chair. "He's even talking to your professor."

"Don't watch!" he hissed, horrified by her nonchalant attitude. "Can't you see that Jesse makes me very, very, very uncomfortable?"

"Yeah, I noticed."

"Then, stop looking over there."

"Fine, fine. Whatever."

Rita turned back towards him. He sighed, glancing up. His blue eyes suddenly widened in horror, and he stood urgently.

"Well, looks like it's time for me to get to the lab," he said in an unusually high tone. "Haha, I'll catch up with you some other time, okay, Rita?"

"Yeah, sure. I don't mind."

"G-great. I'll see you-"

"There you are!"

Clyde froze, suddenly embraced from behind. Rita blinked at the sudden pair of arms around her friend, only to connect them to the dark-eyed owner. Jesse glared at her darkly, his blonde hair sticking up in odd places from hurrying.

"Jesse, don't act like I'm competition," Rita sighed, leaning her cheek against her hand. "You and I both know that if I asked Clyde to run away and get married with me, he would no matter the circumstance."

"You wound me," Jesse murmured. "I just want to make sure."

"I'm not interested in Clyde," she clarified.

"Good~ We can continue being friends! You can be my best man at the wedding, okay?"

"Sure, whatever."

"Don't just agree," Clyde muttered. "You're not a man, and we're not getting married!"

"Aw, but you said that she wasn't a man first! Are you going soft on me, dear?" Jesse purred.

"No! Now let go of me!"

"But, if I do that, just about anybody with two eyes, two legs, and two arms will sweep you away from me~!"

"You act as though I'm some blushing bride."

"You would be," Rita muttered, poking her uneaten sandwich.

"Shut up! Nobody asked for your opinions!"

"'Kay, friend."

Jesse laughed. He released the other boy, who grumbled and straightened his clothes. Jesse sat beside Rita, smiling at her.

"I noticed that several people have taken an interest towards you," he stated. "You best be careful. Jess will kill them."

"I haven't noticed anyone take any interest towards me," Rita murmured, thinking hard.

"You wouldn't," Clyde said, sinking into the chair across from her. "You think hugging and kissing is something friends do. You also take the whole "It was an accident!" thing way too seriously."

"Really though, Rita," Jesse muttered. "I'm worried about you. You're like a sister to me."

"Why can't you fall creepily in love with her then?" Clyde complained.

"Because you're cuter," Jesse smiled. 

"This is not a cuteness contest!"

"Hey, isn't that Jess over there?"

Rita looked over to where Jesse was pointing, spotting the tall girl. Jess was looking around for a free table, her hazel eyes dark and uninviting. She ran her fingers through her shoulder-length hair, nervously clutching a small box.

"What's she holding?" Clyde wondered aloud. 

Rita wondered the same thing. Suddenly, Jess looked over at them, and immediately hurried over.

"Good afternoon, Jess," Jesse greeted warmly. "Would you like to sit with us?"

Jess shook her head.

"I'm too busy," she stated. "I have to get everything exactly the way I want it by five, I don't have time to sit and talk for a while."

"Do you want me to come in early?" Clyde asked, shooting a glance at Jesse.

"No, I'm fine by myself," she sighed. "I might seriously overwork you guys if I do that. Anyway..."

She set the small box down on the table, pushing it towards Rita. Said girl looked at it.

"Don't act so surprised. I missed Christmas," Jess explained.

"I know, I just thought you didn't want to get me a gift," Rita murmured.

"Why's that?"

"Well, Jesse and Clyde both got a gift."

"I couldn't find anything that wasn't Christmas or snow related, so I had to wait for the whole buzz to die down."

"Oh, thank you."

"Yeah. Look, I'd love to watch you slowly and carefully open it, but I need to go now. Sorry, Rita, you'll have to tell me how you liked it later."

"Okay. Bye, Jessica."

Jess only hummed, hurrying away faster than when she'd come. 

"She left fast," Clyde muttered. "I wonder if I should go in early, just in ca-"

"No! You can't just leave me like this!" Jesse whined, wrapping his arms around the other boy's waist.

"You're part of the problem."

"What did she get you, Rita?"

"Huh? Oh, right."

Rita slowly opened the box, only to take out another box. She opened this one, only to take out another one. 

"Wow, she really wanted to make sure she was gone by the time you got it," Jesse laughed.

Rita snorted, rolling her eyes. She opened the box, staring inside for a second.

"What lab are you guys working in?" Rita asked Clyde softly.

"I think we're in lab B today, but we might be in lab H if Giorgio decides it would be best," the boy answered. "Why? You aren't going to leave me alone with Jesse, right?"

"There are a few workers here."

"What? Rita, you can't be serious!"

Rita stood, taking the small box with her.

"Sorry, I need to talk to Jessica right away," she stated, hurrying away. 

Clyde's eye twitched.

"So, Clyde-"

"Don't even think about it."

"Aw, you're so mean."


"Hey, that girl is pretty."

"Isn't she? Look at those curves, and that hair!"

"I don't know, it's black. I bet she dyed it."

"Definitely, nobody has that black of hair naturally."

"Think she has a boyfriend?"

"Probably, just look at her!"

"I know."

Jess' eye twitched, her hand shaking with rage. Clyde glanced up at her from his clipboard.

"Jess? What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing, don't worry," she growled.

He glanced over at the boys who were still deep in conversation. He looked past them, at Rita.

"Don't get so jealous," he muttered, scribbling down the observations on the clipboard. 

"I'm not jealous," she snarled viciously.

"Sure," he replied, rolling his eyes.

"Well," Jess muttered. "Imagine what Jesse would do in this situation."

Clyde stiffened. His eyes darkened.

"Please," he whispered. "Do not mention him, not here."

She took a step away from him.

"Sorry, I won't mention him, it was just an example," she defended.

Clyde sighed, visibly relaxing.

"I prefer to think that I'm not attractive to other males," he said, scribbling on his clipboard.

"I don't know, you look a little bit like a girl sometimes," Jess laughed.

"Shut up, I know you only have the hots for Rita."

"You know me too well."

"You've been in love with her since we were in junior high, if it isn't true, I'll be surprised. That reminds me, did Rita thank you for that gift?"

"Huh? Yeah, she came in earlier, why?"

"She left me alone with Jesse..."

"Oh, what happened?"

"Don't sound so interested."

Jess laughed, patting his shoulder.

"Are you softening up on him? It's only taken you 13 years."

"What? Since when have you known about that..."

"I was kidding."

Clyde's face flushed. He set down his clipboard gently.

"I've finished with this much, I don't have anymore to write about for a while," he said, his voice unusually cold and crisp. 

Clyde's eyes were dark and frosty, gazing at her coldly. He smiled in mock kindness.

"Do you mind if I step out for a few moments?" he hissed.

Jess shook her head. He turned, stepping out.

Clyde sighed, walking down the hall.

"Hey! Clyde!" 

Said boy stopped, turning to look at his friend, Joshua. 

"Hello, Joshua," he greeted, offering a small smile. "It's been a while."

"Yeah, I heard that Jessica person is overworking everyone in the science department," Joshua said. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, just needed to get some air."

"Oh, cool. We can catch up for a moment."

"I guess, is something wrong?"

"Nah, my girlfriend just broke up with me last night."

"I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?"

"No, no. I'll be fine. Thanks for at least caring."

"Of course, we've been friends forever."

Joshua laughed, slapping the other boy's back.

"I don't suppose you're finally freed of Jesse's affections?" he chuckled.

"Of course not, don't get my hopes up," Clyde muttered.

"I don't see why he's so obsessed with you."

"I hope not. I'd be concerned if you did."

Joshua laughed again. Clyde smiled.

"It's been nice talking to you, again. It really lifted my spirits. Thanks."

"Of course."

Joshua suddenly smirked, embracing the smaller boy.

"I really, really appreciated it," he said.

Clyde swallowed his surprise, confused.

"Wh-wh-what's up?" he asked.

"Nothing, friend," Joshua smirked. "I hope you don't get in too much trouble."

Clyde stared at him for a moment, realization surfacing in his eyes.

"You're a horrible friend sometimes," he muttered.

Joshua pecked his cheek, pulling away.

"Sorry I couldn't resist. Good luck."

The man hurried away, leaving his small friend alone. The hall was eerily empty, and Clyde hoped that meant Jesse wasn't-

His thoughts were quickly proven wrong at the sudden embrace from behind. He felt warm breath on the back of his neck, and chills ran down his spine. He felt the boy slowly lick the shell of his ear.

"J-J-Jesse," he stuttered. "St-stop it."

"Who was that?" Jesse asked softly in the boy's ear.

"It was just my friend Joshua, his girlfriend broke up with him," Clyde muttered.

"Oh, so he knew about me and just wanted to tease you."

Jesse released him. Clyde's legs gave out beneath him, and he sank down to the floor on his knees. He sighed heavily.

"Are you okay?" Jesse asked.

He nodded, getting up shakily.

"I just came out to get a little air, I need to go back to the lab-"

"Your face is all red."

"You thought it wouldn't be?"

"Nope, I was hoping for this."

Clyde shook his head, sighing again.

"Jess is gonna know exactly what happened, and then she won't let me forget it."

Jesse laughed, pecking the already flushed boy's cheek and darkening the color.

"I didn't think you mind that much."

"Go away, I need to get to work."

"Bye, love."

"Shut up."
So Many Loves
Clyde in a nutshell- Meh.

Tell me to give up!

Tell me to give in!

Tell me not to tear myself apart anymore!

Tell me you hate me, already!

Stop giving me hope...

I'm tired of pushing you to see me.

I'm tired of pulling you out of bed.

Just tell me the truth...

Tell me you don't love me.

Tell me you despise me.

Don't look at me like that!

Almost like you love me...

Don't touch me like that!

Almost as if you need me...

Stop pulling me closer!

I don't want a kiss...

Don't hold me tighter!

You'll be gone in a minute...



I don't want to see me...


Just go!

You can't see me crying...

Mom and Dad,

Both tell me not to leave.

But with you,

That's all you seem need...

Don't look into my eyes!

All you'll see is pain!

I don't want to depress you!

Hurry and run away!

You can come back,

When I'm not upset!

Please just leave!

Don't see me like this...

Don't wipe my tears.

I can do it myself.

I don't want to fall for you,

Not anymore than I have to.

I'm already there.


Just leave me alone.

I'll be better in an hour.

Who caused my tears?

Don't worry.


I know,

You would kill for me.

But I don't want to be so weak in your eyes.



What's this?

I guess I started crying.


Don't come near me....

I might accidentally think you care.


What's this?

Don't worry.

I got into a fight at school.

What over?


Somebody said...

They said I don't know what love is...

They said we don't love each other...

That all I am...

Is weak,

Compared to you...


Don't hug me.

I'm making your shirt wet.


I need time alone.


You won't see it.

But please,

For now,

Don't stop holding me.


For a moment,

Kiss me sweetly.

Tell me,

Just this once,

That you love me the most.

Because we both know...

I love you.
"I've always thought that Rita would be a great villain," Jesse murmured, sipping from his water bottle.

"Why do you say that?" Clyde asked.

"I don't know," Jesse sighed. "Something about Rita just screams that she could kill you if you got in her way."

"I can kind of see it," Jessica agreed.

"Does this matter? I thought we were doing Math," Rita put in.

"Let's take a break," Clyde yawned. "Who would be the hero, if Rita's the villain?"

"Would it matter? She'd manipulate all of us into working with her," Jessica stated.

"True," Jesse nodded. "Thinking about it kind of scares me."

"I'm not evil," Rita assured them, twirling her pencil between her fingers. "If I was, do you really think I'd be here?"

"I guess not," Clyde replied. "But, it's still kind of frightening to think about it."

"Well, I guess I would be pretty good at being evil," she murmured.

"You probably would exploit people's physical, emotional, and mental issues," Jessica stated.

Rita laughed lightly.

"I already do that."

Her friends all stared at her in confusion. She grinned.

"I think we should get back to math," she suggested.

They all agreed.
Remember when I was normal? Yeah, neither do I. 

Thank you. Who am I thanking? Why am I thanking them? Well, some nice person has been favouriting a lot of my work. Dear nice person, you probably won't read this, but thank you. I really appreciate your support. I wanted to make this journal, not to call you out, but to thank you for your continued support.

Also, thank you to all those friends who've spoken to me and supported me. Sorry I don't do much, I'm boring. Even in real life. I'm a nerd.

Anyway, thanks to the one observer who never says a word, and to all those friends who've helped me, and to the two (maybe three) people who've requested work from me. I love all of you.

Why did I write this journal? That's the thing, I didn't. I typed it. Why did I type it? For fun.

That's all. I love you all.
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