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I personally think this is a very interesting piece. I love how you kept it simple, using few colors. The background doesn't draw too m...



There are reports of a creature that is stronger than a Sinned Doll, can cut through the skin of a Hider, makes Vampires want to act serious, and doesn't flinch when it sees a Puppeteer. This creature is previously unheard of, but was recently mentioned in an old document. We aren't sure what to make of it. But, if it is real, this is a huge discovery.

This creature is known as a Deceiver. According to ancient documents, this thing is more talented at changing forms than a Hider. But, only into a human form. They blend in seamlessly, able to change any part of their appearance that they wish. They often attract people, but some are known to blend in too well. Some Deceivers go unnoticed when they're right in front of someone.

Deceivers, in their true form, are quite strange. They have fangs sharper and stronger than a Vampire's, and can suck blood if they wish. They have claws sharper than a Puppeteer's, which they can use to cut through even a Puppeteer's coat. Their eyes often glow, their skin is white as snow, and they have a long tail that they can change the length of. Their hair is often long and straight and, the strangest part of Deceivers, they wear a giant dress thing. Many people assume its a dress, but its sleeves go past their hands, and it pools around their feet. For this reason, Deceivers are now considered strange.

They blend so seamlessly into human life, we are unsure if they really exist. Apparently, the only way to get a Deciever to show their true form is to show them to a Sinned Doll. Deceivers really dislike Sinned Dolls. Origins of Deceivers are unknown.

In the documents, it is said that Deceivers don't have sanity problems as fast as a Puppeteer. But, they do eventually run out of magic, and this makes them resort to their Desperate Measure, as named in the documents. In this, they transform into a giant beast, usually a dragon or the like, and burn their enemies with lightning. On a side note, it's said that Deceivers are wonderful at grilling food. After they change back into a human form, Deceivers will be not out cold, unable to be awoken by anything for two days.

Deceivers are amazingly frightening creatures. Though, despite their hatred of Sinned Dolls, they love Hiders. It's said that, in their actual form, they will automatically hide behind the nearest Hider. Which often leads to confusion. Deceivers know what creature people are, no matter what. They often like to tease people by hinting at knowing their secrets and fears. It scares people very badly.

But, the question on everyone's mind is: How do they kill their victims? Well, the document stated that they like to, quote, "Tear out the victims heart and eat it while their victim is still alive and watching. Or, they take the subtle route by being right above them when they wake up. When the victim tries to scream, they'll cover their mouth. They slowly trail one claw down their neck, before stabbing their heart directly." Now, what we're all wondering, what's with Deceivers and hearts? We don't know, and neither did the document. Though, it was theorized that Deceivers only kill people who have broken their heart. If this is so, we have to admit that this should be the dictionary definition of poetic justice.

One things for sure. This is one creature you don't want to meet in a dark alley. Or a bright alley. Or anywhere, really, because they're scary and will probably kill you. They only have one weakness, which is their fragile skin. Their skin is like glass, according to the documents, but they don't bleed. So, really, this isn't a weakness. These documents suck at telling weaknesses.
Extra Content
Don't ask me.
"Teacher," Mercedes said suddenly. "Do Hiders eat people?"

Samvel looked up at her. 

"In what form?" he asked.


"No. That would be gross."

"But, Eric-"

"He threatened to eat you?"

"Yeah, I asked him if he ever felt attracted to you."

"Why would you ask that?"

"I was curious."

"Adam will probably eat you, he's gross."


"I was kidding."

Mercedes sighed. This was a usual day for the Puppeteer class. Silence, random question, then more silence. Today however, the two were surprised when their silence was broken by the door slamming open. A very angry Eric walked in, growling with Adam behind him. Adam looked unusually pale.

"I was kidding," Adam said. "Please, don't. I really was-"

Eric grabbed Samvel's collar, pulling him into a kiss. Samvel was baffled, Mercedes was shocked stiff, and even Adam seemed more confused than angry. Eric finally released Samvel, turning to Adam pointedly.

"There, happy now?" he huffed.

Samvel's life was flashing before his eyes. Mercedes patted his back, still somewhat shocked.

"U-um," Adam stammered. "I-I was kidding."

"You owe me twenty dollars," Eric stated, walking out.

Adam and Mercedes watched him go. 

"Take me out to dinner first," Samvel muttered.

Mercedes laughed, more shocked that Samvel had made that joke than that Eric had kissed him. Adam stared blankly at the door.

"Why'd you let him kiss you?" Adam whined.

"I don't know if I'd call that 'letting him,'" Samvel replied.

"Let me kiss you too!"


Adam sighed heavily. Samvel was a huge jerk. Suddenly, Eric reappeared in the doorway. The three stared at him. His entire face was red.

"Please, let me stay here for a second," he begged. "Abigail-"

Mercedes pulled him inside, slamming the door behind him. Samvel snapped his fingers, locking the door easily. Adam stared blankly at the floor.

"So, I have a question, teach," Mercedes said, suddenly.

"What?" he asked.

"What happens if a Puppeteer kisses a different Hider than the one that's with them?"

"The Hider will become extremely possessive and cry a lot with ice cream. He will also not allow you to have any of said ice cream, because he's a jerk."

"What happens if another Hider kisses the Puppeteer in front of the Hider, and the Puppeteer doesn't get mad?"

"The Hider will assume he's being replaced. He'll mope in the corner for a while, then on your bed, then on the floor, and he'll cling to your legs. After a while, they'll wake you up at midnight by pushing you into a random lake somewhere, and you'll be very confused."

"What about after that?"

"Well, the Hider begs to be forgiven for whatever it did. Then, you grumble that the kiss was a dare and tell him to stop being stupid. After three days of the Hider walking around and running into things, you'll most likely find yourself in a bathtub of white stuff again, and the other Hider will be snickering at you from behind a bush."

"This sounds like something you know from experience."

"It is."

"Samvel! You said we wouldn't talk about that," Adam huffed.

"Are you going to do it again?" Samvel grumbled.


"Can I just say," Eric growled. "He was the one who said, 'I bet you've never kissed a Puppeteer.' I said I hadn't. He asked why not. I told him I didn't want to steal his Puppeteer. He said that you, Samvel, knew everything, and probably wouldn't let me kiss you anyway. So, he bet twenty dollars on whether or not you'd let me kiss you."

"Oh," Mercedes said.

For a moment, there was silence. Then, Samvel sighed heavily.

"Well, tell me if it was good, at least," he ordered.

Eric blushed heavily, Adam choked on air, and Mercedes tried to stifle her laughter behind her hand.

"I didn't really pay attention to that," Eric stated. "I was more focused on whether or not you were going to impale me on a pencil or something!"

"Well, do you want to kiss me again?" Samvel asked.

Eric was burning to death, when Samvel suddenly kissed him forcibly. Adam literally collapsed, and Mercedes saw Samvel smirk into the kiss before pulling back.

"Well, I believe class is over," Samvel said, the bell ringing. "I'm gonna go buy several large tubs of ice cream and three spoons. Eric, Adam, I'll see you tonight when you're both crying. See you tomorrow, Mercedes."

Samvel was true to his word. Mercedes wondered how he knew Eric would be crying as well.
Samvel's a Big Jerk
Have you heard that gay marriage is legal? I have.

I was just looking for some sick memes, Tumblr, why?

Just kidding, but good for America. Unfortunately, I will soon be moving to Canada to see the look on all the homophobes' faces when they find out gay marriage has been legal for ten years. Good for Canada. Good for America. Good for people. Good for me. Am I gay? Who knows, good for me anyway.

This is to celebrate this wonderful moment. Yesterday. Pretend this came out yesterday. I'm slow, okay? This is also because I was reading some old stories in this file, and realized that Samvel is always depressing. So, I made a non-depressing Samvel story. You're welcome.

Sometimes, I question my reasons.

The reasons why I stay.

The reason why I comfort.

Why do I act like I care?

Why do they fall for it?

I'm an actress, enchantress.

Always have been, always will be.

Cold and insufferable sometimes.

Warm and inviting mostly.

They crawl forward into my loving embrace.

They fall into my kind words and rely on the ropes I send down for them.

They think see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Closer, closer, just a little bit farther and-


I'm not stupid.

I know what will happen after they get out of that chasm. 

They'll leave me.

They'll forget about me.

It'll be like I never existed.

So, I play my game with them.

Over and over, until they snap.

They cry and whine and yell and scream and punch and claw.

And I appear, once more, with my arms wide and my warm smile.

Desperately, they attack.

They latch onto me, refusing to let go, begging to stay with me forever.

They can't see the smirk on my face.

They obviously don't see the victory in my eyes.

I wipe it off, take out a new slate.

"Sure, you can stay with me forever."

I allow them back out.




I am a fool.

I allowed my prey freedom.

My prey has escaped, ran far away.

Leaving me to rot.

Do I deserve this?


I won't deny that much.

I was a fool to even think they would stay.

Now, I have learnt my lesson.

I push them away.

All of them.

It starts with the smile, the sad smile.

It warns them that I will depress them.

Then, I am strange.

Then, that flash in my eyes.

I refuse to answer questions they ask.

They grow weary of me.

They leave me.

I'm fine with that.

All of them should do that.

If too many people hurt me, these chains will snap.

My madness is frightening.

It's giggles and throwing and laughing and yelling and-


Why have they stayed?!

Don't they understand?

Fools, it's their funeral.

But, why have I grown attached?

No no no no no no no no no no.

Bad, I can't go through this again!



They'll leave you!

Why did they stay?!

Why don't they leave?!







"Why are you crying?" they ask.

"Tell me," they plead.

I can't though.

I've lost my urge to do so.

Leave me be, young ones.

Much younger than me in will and wisdom.

Too much younger than me.

Yes, I'll return.

You've trapped me.

I'm a possessive beast, I warned you.

Why didn't you listen?

Well, listen now.

When I crack...

I'll try not to let you see it...

We don't have to write things in this box anymore, but I feel like I should anyway. Hmm.

To whom do I write this letter,
Of which my words do flow?
The fortunes said to write it,
But to no one that I know.
T'is powerful,
Not a sonnet.
The words don't really match.
But, here I am,
With a letter,
Of which the fortunes told.
Am I doing properly?
Is a question I don't ask.
For I've known since I was young,
I know more than I tell.
I've reread the instructions,
Twice or maybe more.
But still, I've no receiver,
For where this letter to go.
My dearest is too far away,
For any letter to reach them.
My best has jested far too long,
For any letter to touch them.
Still, I write this letter,
As the fates have told me to.
Perhaps I write it to the self,
That I know not but soon will?
Perhaps one day I'll read this,
With a dearly beloved at side,
And laugh at the foolishness,
Of him who write without a recipient.
To Whom
Please tell me if I have any typos or problems. 

Not gonna lie, spent half an hour riding around on my bike just to find inspiration, only to remember a fortune I got from this Japanese-Korean place and decide to base something off of that. Oh well, exercise is fun. Except when it's eighty degrees outside...


Remember when I was normal? Yeah, neither do I. 

Thank you. Who am I thanking? Why am I thanking them? Well, some nice person has been favouriting a lot of my work. Dear nice person, you probably won't read this, but thank you. I really appreciate your support. I wanted to make this journal, not to call you out, but to thank you for your continued support.

Also, thank you to all those friends who've spoken to me and supported me. Sorry I don't do much, I'm boring. Even in real life. I'm a nerd.

Anyway, thanks to the one observer who never says a word, and to all those friends who've helped me, and to the two (maybe three) people who've requested work from me. I love all of you.

Why did I write this journal? That's the thing, I didn't. I typed it. Why did I type it? For fun.

That's all. I love you all.
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